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Who is
Signor Mont?

Founded in 2013 by designer Anthony Montesano, Signor Mont is a Melbourne made luxury bridal couture house. With a flair for Italian style and a distinct aesthetic, we create all our gowns in our Brunswick East studio. 

Our Name

Signor Mont is an ode to the couturiers of times past. The likes of Christian Dior, Elsa Schiaparelli, Charles Frederick Worth and Charles James. Our mission, like these designers, is to create a movement in fashion, a return to a past design sensibility but interpreted with modern eyes. Signor Mont is the old couturier we hope to become. A sage, a master of his craft, with pieces appreciated beyond one lifetime, found in museums of the future. That is our vision. 

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302 Lygon St, Brunswick East,

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3057

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